If you’re looking to increase wellbeing and resilience in the workplace, we’re here to support with mindfulness offerings especially tailored to the your setting.

Feedback from our previous courses:

How likely are participants to
recommend our workplace offerings?

We scored an average of 9,0 out of 10

to inspire curiosity:

A 1-hour interactive session balancing theory and practice to give you an initial taste of mindfulness.
  • Include this as part of your conference, a town hall event or as a Lunch and Learn.
  • This session can also be used to gauge interest in deeper mindfulness training in your organisation.

Themes emerging from participant feedback

  • Hands on experience of mindfulness practices
  • An understanding of what mindfulness is (and isn’t).
  • Applying mindfulness in everyday life with short mindfulness activities to try throughout the day.
  • Resources for practising mindfulness to explore further and knowing where to go for support.
  • A focus on wellbeing – the importance of focusing on wellness and being kind to oneself.


Overview of mindfulness & practical tools for greater wellbeing:
  • Three 1-hour sessions over a period of 3 weeks or this can also be offered in half a day.
  • Can be offered in-person, online or in a blended format (first 2 sessions online and final session face-to-face).

Themes emerging from participant feedback:

  • Accessibility and applicability of the course: Practical tips and tools for everyday life introduced in a useful way with practices to do at home.
  • Facilitation skill: Safe, unpressured yet engaged learning environment;
  • Practitioners of mindfulness allowing them to share own experience; Good balance between theory and practice.
  • How participants will use what they have learned:
  1. Developing skill to respond rather than react.
  2. Kindness to self and others & becoming more aware of interaction with others e.g. through listening more attentively.
  3. Bringing more colour to life through greater presence.
  4. Practice new skills and use of tools in daily personal and professional spaces.

See example of detailed report from our Introduction to Mindfulness course for staff and the University of Cape Town.

Mindfulness Course Report