Introduction to Mindfulness – Participant feedback report

26 June, 2023

Jacqui Wigg and Dr Tessa Roos presented an Introduction to Mindfulness course as part of the Emerging Researcher Programme at UCT. The course was structured as follows:

Thursday, 8 June: 12pm – 1pm online
Paying attention, on purpose with curiosity & care

Wednesday, 14 June: 12pm – 1pm online Perspective: Learning new ways of being

Wednesday, 21 June: 12pm – 1.30pm in person Responding not reacting

Survey feedback:
Aspects of the course that participants liked the most:

  • Accessibility and applicability of the course: Practical tips and tools for everyday life introduced in a useful way with practices to do at home.
  • Facilitation skill:
  1. Facilitation style: Safe, unpressured yet engaged learning environment.
  2. Personal experience: Practitioners of mindfulness themselves which allowed them to share their own experience. c. Good balance between theory and practice.
  • The blended structure of the course: Participants appreciated having a face-to-face session.
    Opportunities for reflection: Helped with synthesis; Helpful to listen to other participants with the same experience.

“I really enjoyed the accessibility of the course – the warmth and knowledge of Jacqui and Tessa and the fact that we could meet virtually and in person.”
“It was great listening to other participants with the same experience.”
“The presenters were au fait with the material as they are practitioners as well. That helps a lot.”
“Thank you for an easy to swallow taste of mindfulness. I will take a lot away from this and try to incorporate a daily practice… I already feel better equipped to ground myself, breathe and think and respond with kindness.”

Areas for improvement:
Offer a more extensive programme.
Provide more face-to-face sessions.
Provide additional resources.
“4 sessions would be better to allow for more ‘practice’ and tools, and delve a bit deeper on how to change ‘reactive’ behaviour.”

How will participants use what they have learned from the course going forward?

  • Developing the skill to respond rather than to react: creating space before responding and being more intentional in response. • Kindness to self and others and becoming more aware of interaction with others e.g. through listening more attentively.
  • Bringing more colour to life through greater presence.
  • Practice new skills and use of tools in daily personal and professional spaces.
  • Reconnecting with a mindfulness practice if they had one before.

“Taking that extra moment to think before reacting, and to be mindful of the fact that everyone is struggling in some way and that we must be mindful of being kinder to ourselves and others.”
“Being more intentional on where I spend my energy / focus.”

On a scale of 0 – 10 how likely are Participants to recommend this programme to a colleague?
Average score: 9

On a scale of 0 – 10, to what extent do participants rate the improvement in their knowledge and experience with mindfulness?
Average score: 7.6

Would participants like the opportunity to explore mindfulness more deeply in a 6 – week course?
11 out of 13 said ‘yes’.
The majority prefer a blended option at lunch time for 1 hour. A few would prefer it during term breaks.

Tailored mindfulness training for your organisation:
We can work with you to tailor a mindfulness programme for your organisation. This can be in person in Cape Town or online or a combination of these.